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Rebekah Scheer (Spring 2011)
Rebekah Scheer (Spring 2011)
"In Denial"
latex, wood, hair

I use the mediums of fiber, print, and sculpture to represent what I learn of the world: to explore ideas of cultural and social histories through carefully crafted, visually seductive objects and images that aim to marry big and beautiful with thoughtful, curious, and questioning.

My enthusiasm for craftsmanship, an inclination toward examinations of the past, and the pleasure of experimentation result in work that strives to be both visually captivating and demanding of consideration. I want the objects and images to be accessible from multiple points of entry: enjoyable for the beauty of the objects themselves, as well as stimulating and thought provoking for the viewer interested in engaging with the content.

At the very heart of my practice is the simple joy of making and a belief in the idea of art as play. Experimentation with various techniques and materials influence the way I create my work, however, these investigations are further strengthened by looking and learning. It is often through historical research and cultural study that the objects begin to be realized.

Whether it is the discovery of a fabric, an element of history, or an understanding of how certain ideas and practices overlap, there must be a moment of insight, an “Aha!” moment, for the work to begin. It is then that I am able to illustrate what I have learned through reading and research by creating a visual object whose presence parallels the power of my own moment of discovery.