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Clif Claycomb (Fall 2010)
Clif Claycomb (Fall 2010)
"Empire of Humility"
Acrylic Paint

As a reluctant product of my environment, I am very interested in what has made me the way I am and why I create the things I do.

In my work I explore issues of memory, reaction, and control. What does my art, or my existence, mean without securing a place in other peoples memory? This is my main motivation in making art in any form. I explore reaction both mentally and physically through interaction with my environment, objects, and people. Finally, my art addresses physical control in practice, the lack of control in nature, and as humans, our attempts to control what we cannot.

I strive to look at every object without regard to its original intent. This view on my surroundings opens the world up to me and limits me only by my own mind. I constantly repurpose objects like fences or bones into canvases, and what I put onto the object is specific to each situation. While I may cut a design from paper for one piece, I can immediately turn around and pour enamel on another. I think the only things you can’t make into art are those that you ignore, and I will not limit myself by restricting my actions.

My work is generally produced through a series of experiences and reactions. Using all of my senses I explore my environments to the absolute fullest, squeezing any and all influence I can from my surroundings. The role of imagery versus text in my work is dependent on the reaction. I react to verbal or auditory influence in the form of text and visual or physical influence in abstract or minimal imagery.

Through studying the world around me I am able to remember certain parts of every day. I use this information in its roughest form and compile it into sketches and writing. Finally I begin to produce something, and decide how much control I want to have over the process. Although systematic, my creation process is never the same. In this unpredictability I find the beauty of my work.