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Emily Kozik (Spring and Fall 2010)
Emily Kozik (Spring and Fall 2010)
"Not a Place"
steel, wax

My work asks people to notice what is around them and take time to interact with their environment. I make small, unexpected sculptures and insert them into deteriorating, abandoned, or neglected spaces in order to make noticeable what may have otherwise been forgotten or overlooked. The experience of looking and discovering the location that my sculptures are set in is as important as the actual finding of my small interventions. I use simple materials like wood, thread, wool, paper, and fabric, and ask the viewer to start looking for what else they might not have otherwise observed.

I look at the little, undetected things like band-aids stuck to the sidewalk and ketchup packets left on pillars, collect and record them, as a means of giving them purpose, importance, and a different life. Paying close attention to what is otherwise considered the world’s debris and presenting it in a fashion that suggests it as the complete opposite.

No matter how the idea manifests itself, I try to create tiny moments of excitement in finding something new or out of place in an environment that seems so familiar and boring.