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Jung Yoon Lee (Spring 2010)
Jung Yoon Lee (Spring 2010)
"Momentary Relief"
Silk Screen Printing

I seek comfort and harmony in my life. I engage in repetition both visually and physically through processes of screen-printing and weaving. I explore these processes as means of meditation and harmony, which is also echoed in the experience of viewer.

Forms of lines are screen-printed on translucent fabric and layered to create three-dimensional installations. Simple line structures create a powerful visual experience when they are in multiples, layered together. Layers of subtle lines add richness and create unexpected texture within the image itself. I use motives inspired by nature. Living within the bustle of urban life often forces me to seek a moment of relief, which I find in nature. The material choice of the translucent fabric adds to the fullness of the piece. The fabric itself creates interesting patterns within the simple lines of the print. Exposing the fabric to natural light, creates an ethereal effect within the piece. The interplay of two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements in the work creates a poetic visual experience, and that invites the viewer to enter the work.