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April Noga (Spring 2010)
April Noga (Spring 2010)

What lies on the surface, what resides beneath, and how do these work together to craft a personal identity? These questions are the driving force in my exploration through the crafting of self-identity. In this exploration, I have turned inward. I make work that is autobiographical but touches on fundamental elements of human emotions that we all struggle with. These include: insecurity about our appearances, longing to connect with others, and escapism that happens inwardly.
My work manifests itself in a variety of mediums. Installations, photography, and performance pieces are the main vehicles for my production.

I am exploring what happens when we attempt to share our identity with others, either physically or emotionally. When this gesture is made, is it possible to blur the lines between our visual exterior and what we hold inside? Sometimes this happens by using performance to share my birthmark patterns with others. In other works this happens by adorning myself with materials, such as glitter, sequins, wax, and pigment, to create an emotional experience of escapism with the viewer.