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Lindsey Snyder (Spring 2010)
Lindsey Snyder (Spring 2010)
"Um Bathrobe"
Styrofoam, thread, masking tape

Through engaging in a process of echolocation with materials, I contemplate how our bodies fit into the world in the age of the digital social grid, and how the ways we speak and listen to each other are changing. To locate myself in terms of ideas, materials, situations, others, and myself, I send pulses of art in many directions, just as bats, shrews, and some birds emit multi-directional sound waves to navigate their environments. The work is informed by texts on social science and communication theory, visual communication journals, fashion books and magazines, writing, and intuitive mark-making.

I think of my studio as a place to crash things together in search of new elements, like the Large Hadron Collider, but for art. Intuitive processes meet quasi-scientific experimentation in the production of objects assembled from found materials such as life jackets, packing peanuts, and styrofoam insulation; gestural mixed-media drawings on paper; and hand-stitched works on fabric. Oscillating between art and science, I find comfort in structure, systems, patterns, and symmetry of hard science, yet my interests lie in human connections, the nature of which the rigid rules of science can never entirely encompass.