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Lydia Brockman (Spring 2009)
Lydia Brockman (Spring 2009)
Knitted Yarn, Balloons, Nylon Stockings

My work is propelled by the viewer’s interaction. Whether it is watching an ordinary chair turned into an absurd cutting machine, or suggesting viewers sacrifice their own ring fingers to support a botched medical theory, the viewer is participating in more than just the visual experience. The viewer is given the agency to disagree, argue, or imagine other possibilities. I create work that is obviously flawed. It begs a reaction, by allowing and encouraging the viewer to question every aspect of the piece and its function, rather than relying only on the artist’s explanation. My goal is to turn this self-guided critique outside the gallery walls. Recognizing a problem, seeking a solution, and forming a dialog to explain findings and process. I use this formula to revaluate traditions, social conventions, and the dynamic of our surrounding. It is only when fully digested information is challenged that additional possibilities are understood. I assert the task of problem solving as a means to reinstate agency in the viewer.