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Young Lee (Fall 2009)
Young Lee (Fall 2009)

I am interested in how people perceive, think, and build systems of value, self image and identity. Everything we perceive and interpret is transient and fragmented. Our perception varies based on our own mental maps, which are often biased by many misconceptions. One event could be interpreted into thousands of thoughts. In this sense, it is impossible to find common ground for everyone. In general, we are indoctrinated to believe we share a common territory, and we try to fit ourselves into it either intentionally or subconsciously. Conforming to the group may make life easy, but we might still encounter internal resistance against values or societal norms. I am often aware of the contradicting nature of ourselves—values we believe in, and the consensus we agree upon.

The conflict between social conditioning and individual freedom are what I am constantly addressing in my sculptures, video or performance. I present metaphoric narratives of ambiguity and duality by exploring the visual and tactile natures of manipulated materials. I visualize a sense of security and neurosis that comes from living within the boundaries of social norms, as well as the latent desire for deviance or personal freedom.

My art works are often process based. I break things down and reassemble them in a new order. I often hang my sculptures as a gesture to defy gravity. These are my unconscious impulses to break free from the social boundaries within which I was raised. I am skeptical about everything and at the same time embrace everything, knowing there is always a counterpart. I want to break down paradigms of thought, which form us all and at the same time lock us in.