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Alex R. Miller (Fall 2009)
Alex R. Miller (Fall 2009)
"The Rediscovery of Self"
Latex, sinew, human hair, bronze, wood, cloth

My work, beginning as an investigation in self-portraiture, bases itself around the themes of artifact, the act of discovery and the unearthing of objects. By presenting my work as artifacts or as excavated relics I create the illusion of the anonymous author, where presentation and display take on the role of authorship. I use my own body in molds and casts, handcrafting each artifact, implanting myself directly into my work, becoming entangled in the narrative and dialogue.

My art consists of a diverse range of materials and techniques, using cast metal, weaving, felting, and wheel thrown pottery. Working under the guise of an academic/museum setting, I’ve created a body of work, an archive of artifacts that range from simple utilitarian wares or decorative ornamentation to tools suggesting violence. The title of this ongoing body of work, He was born in the valley and he died on the mountain, reflects the liminal nature of discovering something familiar in a new experience. Presenting my work as artifacts promotes people’s curiosity and natural inclination to examine the unfamiliar. By encouraging the viewer to be inquisitive I hope that they will continue with this line of thought into their everyday lives.