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Soo Shin Hyun (Spring 2009)
Soo Shin Hyun (Spring 2009)

My work is about filling emotional needs by creating physical experiences that focus on the sense of touch. To put it in a different way I translate emotional needs into tangible things.

Sometimes we have emotionally insecure moments that we want to hide from the world or have protected by someone and someone who can fully accept those weakness in us. I think we all have those fragility or weakness even though we have not been diagnosed as having any particular emotional/psychological problem.
However, we know that it is impossible to have someone like that for real. Relationship can be broken and weakness is not accepted between people.
I think this vulnerability of us needs something which knows that we are still easy to get hurt like a child.

So I make things that I believe which can embrace those features of people letting them feel being treated like a child.