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Amanda Walters (Fall 2008 and Spring 2009)
Amanda Walters (Fall 2008 and Spring 2009)

My sculptural objects play with the idea of inappropriateness with incongruous materials. I create objects that bestow a dream like sense of make-believe. The materials I use to create these objects evoke surprise or disappointment, such as a plate of spaghetti made from strings of yarn and crumpled up t-shirts.

I am presently working on four series, Communal Nourishment Initiatives, Community Projects, Port-a-Home Projects and Non-functioning Functionals.

The Communal Nourishment Initiatives focus on the ways food function within our society, both to physically and emotionally nourish. These works play with the idea of giving, making a “meal” for family, and taking away, making a meal that one can’t access, by presenting all the elements of the meal except the food.

With my Community Projects I am planning societies through a filter of fantasy. I am currently creating a proposal for a community in the clouds. The model will house every element I deem necessary to create a functioning society. Within the vain of the Community Projects, my Port-a-Home Projects are a series of explorations that individually facilitate a dimension of a model for homes built from recycled portable restrooms. They exist as an animated demonstration, sales banners and brochures, a small-scale community model and a life sized interactive mock-up.

My Non-functioning Functionals are objects designed to be real functions that cannot function and would disintegrate if engaged with. I want to exaggerate the ephemeral nature of functional objects from wear and tear, by connecting them to purely ephemeral things like nature and light. I venture to make beautiful objects that disappoint the viewer who attempts to utilize their function.