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Sarah Welch (Spring 2009)
Sarah Welch (Spring 2009)
"Slow Lean"
Screen prints

As a child I was diagnosed with a host of serious visual impairments, some of which have been corrected and some of which still affect me today. The conflicts inherit in being neither fully sighted nor fully blind and the constant misperception of depth and space are responsible for my interest in perspective and relationships between objects. The aesthetic decisions I make are all conscious, usually an exaggeration of how something might appear to me or a complete invention made to examine ideas about space and vision in general.

My primary interest is in drawing and other 2-D work because of its ability to reduce spatial relationships and simplify forms; it is flat. The scale and variety of my work has ranged from a room-sized floor installation with carpet, to collections of 8½ x 11” drawings of knots, to Xeroxes of bundled clothing, which I then screen-printed larger than life. Screen-printing has been exceptionally useful in that it eliminates much variation in color and form; it does not relay much information about light or depth of field.

The images and ideas in my work are related to the real and unreal, visual illusions, sensory perception, loss, and the body. Above all I am engaged with the physicality of the non-physical, how the emotional becomes literal, the interconnection of mind and body.