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Zach Dillon (Fall 2008)
Zach Dillon (Fall 2008)
"Thrash til death"

I’ve been exploring character development in my work. Using my characters as a catalyst to approach concepts and situations that I’m trying to understand in my own life. I have been questioning the relationships of interests in my head by trying to find similarities between them. Some interests that I have been looking in to are: religion, skateboarding, violence, punk music, masks, fabric, and drawing. What I’m curious in, in these subjects, is the ceremonial overlap and iconography swapping. Does this mashing and experimentation help me understand my interest and curiosity in them?
I’m trying to mix some of my past fibers work, which were largely masks, with some of my drawing work. So as the concepts learn to interact the materials are too, I have been sewing with mixed media in both 2d and 3d forms.