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Noelle Sharp (Spring 2008)
Noelle Sharp (Spring 2008)

I use fibers in my work because of the loss of texture and physical feeling in our technological society. Technology plays a significant part in my work as well as the hand manipulation of fibers. With the use of sound, flash animation and video it allows comprehension and association with technology. With the conjunction of fibers and technology my work illustrates the unconscious and physical reactions that are processed through the interactions of our lives.

I���m interested in the foundation of the fiber process, its structure and traditions. Knitting, embroidery and sewing encompass the same principles as technology; they both are comprised of certain limitations within their use, along with there principle needs (material limitations within its self and in combination with other practices). Fiber traditions and the responsibly of caring on those traditions are important when determining material foundations. Along with fiber techniques, textile and garment design also have a direct/indirect affiliation to all my art practices.

Manipulation of the body illustrated through the color and structure garments, patterns and styles through the development of personal and physical connections are also formulated in my work. Personal associations within communities, while interpreting the cause and effects of individual encounters are repeated subjects as well.