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Jongock Kim (Fall 2007)
Jongock Kim (Fall 2007)
"The Cell"
screen printing on latex

I do not exist alone. However, sometimes, I feel isolated, which makes me think about my own sense of existence. What makes me myself? The people I have known in my life have not only led me to grow up, but have also made me lose my own sense of original self. These relationships have similarities with the phenomenon of cell growth by cell division in my body physically and mentally. My body is growing by developing relationships like cells grow, sometime healthy, sometimes unhealthy- part of my continual growth, which related to these scientific cycles, but it also indicates the symbolic meaning of the central connection in our society.

Through a process of making latex sheets that I attempt to represent massive cells and mimic the texture of skin. By screen-printing over yarn and rubber bands on the latex, I’m interested in the unexpected reactions and how this might refer to what is scene in a microscope. The unexpected reactions also occur within the structure of repeat. All repeated patterns are created by freely laying down material resists. I abstractly represent both healthy cell growth and the diseased cell growth of Basal Carcinoma, a common skin disease. A slow growing form of cancer, basal cell carcinoma is often the result of cumulative damage of skin by the sun or other radiation. It can also have the appearance of bluish-gray cystic lesions, pink to red papules or scaly patches, or increased brown or black pigment. By appearance of sickness on the skin, we can easily see what we happened physically.

I’m exploring the parallels between these cells and building their relationships with those used in symbolic meaning of the body. This content has both positive and negative effects: healing or disease to the body by cell growth and division and I appreciate both of them in order to grow my new self.