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Rosemary Lee (Fall 2007)
Rosemary Lee (Fall 2007)
Fabric, thread, sand

Much of my work comes from a sense of disconnection from those around me. I’m interested in finding the breaking point of personal interaction: moments where people crumble, words fail, control is lost or forfeited, we lose track of reality. I find these seeming failures are to be celebrated, as they reveal a rare moment of humanity.

We barely need to be awake anymore, to go through the routine of daily life. By distorting objects in a way that turns what is familiar and comfortable into something unsettling, I try disrupt the way people interact with the world around them. Evoking something exceptional from the banal, I encourage the viewer to find significance in things they would usually overlook.

Salt, soap, hair, and cloth draw connections to intimacy, daily rituals, the body. My work is a way of embodying my experiences, to expose the histories embedded in the material world.