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Catherine Lerer (Fall 2007)
Catherine Lerer (Fall 2007)
"Happy Medium"
Hand-knit wool, found briefcases

I use the craft of knitting to create objects that can be seen as fine art. The knitting generates a new language based on already established forms of communicative symbols stemming from scientific data and historical signage, such as surface map weather analysis and Viking insignia, to delineate the intersection of separate, dueling worlds. These worlds are representative of the spaces that already exist jointly, but are in constant conflict. Without being forced to decide a victor, they agree to disagree, for the time being.

One’s Not Half of Two
Harsh | Soft
Frigid | Passionate
Uncharted | Safe
Loud | Timid
Reason | Emotion
Craft | Art
Preference | Obligation
Irish | Polish/French/Cuban
Fire | Water
Female | Male
Masculine | Feminine
Styled | Simple
Social | Awkward
Extravagant | Tight
Organized | Chaos
Movement | Static