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Margo Wolowiec (Fall 2007)
Margo Wolowiec (Fall 2007)
"Wednesday: "Magenta-ish" with "Dark dark red""
Hand dyed and woven cotton

Sometimes it takes learning a new language to better understand one's own. Here, a world is explored in which color is used as a language. It is with a vocabulary that is open ended and notional, with no set alphabet and no clear definitions.

Drawing on specific historical weaving processes such as inlay and ikat, I use woven cloth as a metaphor for communication and story telling. My weavings investigate relationships between people, representing each person with a field of color.
Idiosyncratic colors are chosen by a person, depending on which color they think best suits a specific state of their personality. Each project involves creating a variable system in which the colors are then inserted.

This way of working allows me to create something tangible out of abstract, fleeting emotions. Distances are made close, and new forms of communication are opened up. The warp and weft of the cloth become a metaphor for how we are all linked through interconnected threads.