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Kelley Brewer (Spring 2007)
Kelley Brewer (Spring 2007)

I feel that art has the ability to speak to and touch the soul in a way that words never can. It can take the heart to places that we didn't even know existed, and it can reveal emotions within us that might not otherwise surface. This form of communication has the ability to captivate our eye and lead our mind into a discourse of soul matters. Is it not these powers, plus the intimate touch of the hand, that make art alive passionate? We live in a world where the intimate details of life can get overlooked and it is my belief that people are searching for ways to stir their emotion in order to feel alive.

True beauty, the soul in life, and truth are three things that have been overlooked in our world for a long time. True beauty has been replaced with an idealistic image of perfection that touches no deeper than the surface, the soul has been cast away to make room for success, and truth has been rejected because sometimes it is painful to believe and easier not to. We are training our bodies and our minds to choose the instant instead of the timeless; the thought of eternal has escaped our minds.

As an artist, it is my role not only to follow the path that art takes me on, but also to bring others to a moment of contemplation and thought. That is my greatest hope. Whether it comes as a moment of peace that calms the heart or a moment of truth that spurs your mind, my hope is that it inflicts emotion and causes within you an honest reaction.