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Annette Groenewegen (Spring 2007)
Annette Groenewegen (Spring 2007)

My work addresses the manipulation of the form and general idea behind toy soldiers. Toy solders are interesting as objects because it is a reminder of war and all the complexities behind the subject but at the same time it is regarded as a traditional toy that has been played with for many generations all over the world.

I cover the toy soldiers with fabric insinuating body bags or secrets concealed from the general public about the horrors of war. The ambiguous forms created by the fabric coverings are used as patterns which have been formed into a quilt. The viewer needs to take time with my work in order to notice the actual materials which the quilt is made of.

The fabrics that were used for the quilt were collected from thrift stores or donated to me. This idea of reusing fabric goes back to the quilt tradition of never putting fabric scraps to waste. Every part of the quilt is hand sewn and the meticulous action of sewing each individual soldier has been a painful experience, both on an emotional and physical level. This adds to the subject matter of morbidity and war.