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Masako Kuroda (Fall 2006)
Masako Kuroda (Fall 2006)
"Paper towel Alternative"

Papertowel Alternative is a system of providing an option of reusable cloth towels, alternative to throwaway paper towels.

Papertowel Alternative was installed in 904D, the dye kitchen in the Fiber and Material Studies Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from Tuesday, November 28 to Saturday, December 9.

Two white boxes were mounted on the wall above a sink, one on the right labeled "clean" and the other "used," and a sign says "Please use paper towel alternative from the 'clean' box and put it in the 'used' box."

The towels are 100% cotton diaper cloth with hemmed edges, and each has serial number (001-086) stamped on the lower right corner.

With an agreement with the Campus Life Office and Security Office, the towels had to be washed professionally, and the laundry cost was paid but the Campus Life Office.

Because there are many students in screen printing classes using the sink, many of the towels got stains from printing ink.