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Maura Brewer (Spring 2006)
Maura Brewer (Spring 2006)
Men's business shirts

Using ordinary occupations as a source, my work investigates the relationship between labor and authority. In "Occupation/Collaboration," men's business shirts are assembled in a traditional bricklaying technique. A tension develops between material and structure, raising questions about the ways that we categorize and value certain types of work, while others are kept unseen. In a similar investigation of form and process, Tuxedo Study uses ironing as a sculptural tool to create an object that references architecture. In Mound, the histories of domestic labor are investigated through the use of a common household material, facial tissue. Through repetitive folding, rolling and stacking, a sculpture is created that references funeral mounds and monuments. The elevation of a banal material reminds us that the histories of labor are complex, and often invisible. Simple forms, household objects, the stuff of our routines, are inseparable from the structures of authority that pervade everyday experience.