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Abigail Worthington (Spring 2006)
Abigail Worthington (Spring 2006)

I create ritualistic objects with unconventional materials. By taking the traditions of sewing, crochet, knitting, needlework, quilting using found materials, I allow entrance into the world of what is traditionally considered "women's work." Craft is vital to my work. I grew up in a world filled with these traditions, which most modern families have disregarded over recent generations.

I am also concerned with rituals of a less traditional nature, such as daily habits like putting on make-up, or stigmatized personal customs like smoking, and how these activities interact with those that are of a more conventional nature. Personal rituals and how they can combine with tradition to create new and independent work is what I am striving to assimilate.

I am interested in legitimizing craft within a contemporary fine are context, and in pushing and blurring the boundaries of both sides, expanding both the ideas of tradition and of art simultaneously.