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Deborah Satter (Fall 2003)
Deborah Satter (Fall 2003)

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Deborah Satter

I make sculptures and installations that combine inconsonant and appropriated elements. The idea of dislocation is the impetus for my art practice. My work deals with reconfiguring disparate elements to create moments and scenes that embody a variety of emotions, and questions, simultaneously. The work explores and juxtaposes beauty, sadness, love, confusion, humor, irreverence, absurdity and the mundane. I turn a wholly unique lens on the familiar by the subtle layering of materials and text and literary attention to detail.

My work is completely reliant on an intense and obsessive process of totally immersing myself in the chosen subject. I approach each idea with as little background information as possible, so as to initially create a state of confusion, excitement, and a heightened sense of awareness. I then perform extensive research and observation. When I am finished with the initial stages of research, whether it be a trip that I have documented through photography and journaling, or a novel I have written in and underlined incessantly, I go back through my notes and material I have collected and reprocess it into entirely new work that is both critical and calculated. Through the use of literature I am able to add both layers of distance and intimacy to the art I create