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Carole Francis Lung (Spring 2005)
Carole Francis Lung (Spring 2005)

The utilization of economic goods in the satisfaction of wants, or the process of production resulting chiefly in their destruction, deterioration or transformation*

A yearlong project working towards accumulating my total body weight in frequently consumed goods. I have documented my daily intake sense January 2005. The raw materials represented are a sampling of that log. The materials are displayed in one-pound measurements, displaying the variety of mass the each item occupies in physical space.

The sense of self in contemporary society is profoundly connected with the idea of unlimited personal consumption, I consume therefore I am.**

Counting calories, watching fat intake, exercise, the more you can control your body the better you are. Don’t let your body get out of shape. The bigger you get the less you are noticed. The thinner you are the more you are noticed. You are what you eat.

** The consuming body, Pasi Faulk