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Casey Wasniewski (Fall 2002)
Casey Wasniewski (Fall 2002)

I call my work encrustations. They are abstractions of fungi and disease. Encrustations grow everywhere around us. Sometimes they spread, and sometimes they kill, but they are continuously growing. Fungi grow overtime eating off their hosts, like population grows and destroys territory. The encrustations that I create are growing and attempting to take over their hosts, which are walls, floors and handkerchiefs.

There is an obsessiveness of embroidery in my work. I see this labor manifest as an overwhelming texture -- a texture which may be both beautiful and disgusting. By bringing these encrustations into the domestic world, they relate to the microorganisms living deep within our houses. We are quite oblivious and often unaware of these mystery beings. My work also exhibits similarities to carpet -- carpet gone to the level of complete infestation.

In my work, the encrustations are abstracted and my hands become the parasite, they will not stop until they are completely satisfied.