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Karin Persan (Spring 2002)
Karin Persan (Spring 2002)

I decorate a room from floor to ceiling, covering everything in my patterns. Taking your everyday routine, multiplying it, and having it thrown in your face. Colorful and decorative surroundings turn to the realization that your life, your home isn't as perfect as you thought. The normal is now not, and your organized life has turned scary and weird. The initial humor you respond to changes to an unsettling feeling the more you stare at it, the more the room seems to engulf you with its over-obsessive decor.

When is it that you realize that your normal behaviors have crossed the line into compulsive and problematic? Do your eating habits control you? Is your home never clean enough and are foreign objects hard to touch? Is sleep something you wish you had?

America, a country of happy homes with happy children. The culture that surrounds you, that is you, makes you want this life. Something you want and need but don't know why. One needs signifiers in their life to show that they are normal. What is normal? TV, billboards, the radio, they tell us what is normal, what we need to feel a part of a family, a part of this country. I want the kids snacks and dinner that reminds me of home. I want a fluffer-nutter sandwich.