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Kiara Rivera (Spring 2020)
Kiara Rivera (Spring 2020)
Untitled (pour)
Glass, Cottolin and Copper weaving 3” x 4”x 2”

The physicality of tension is described as the opposition of two external forces: stretching, constricting, and thinning. To define a psychological form of tension would be a process of remembering, reflection, and translating memories.
My work consists of monochromatic, raw materials, and minimal sculptural forms that examine, expose, and question its structural integrity. I use tension as the balance in material manipulation between fiber and industrial materials. The overlap within fiber techniques and industrial processes heavily relied on memory, material tension, and time. Patience and isolation are required in my methods of making and live in the realm of self-reflection. I select materials and methods of making that become emotionally charged. Which is stronger?