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Jamieson Pearl
Jamieson Pearl
(Spring 2021)

Forever is forever.
Until It Becomes Shelter,
And sustenance for a moth.

Blossoms of Sensitivity.

I love wool,
And Shetland sheep,
And bunnies,
And our friendships.


Watching sheep on my phone,
A long distance shepherd.

Forget me not.

The Iron Age;
When mouflon became sheep,
and Shetlands become living documents,
Whose fibers,
Kindly And Beaver,
Tell a story.

A love story. <3

An Iron Age Love Story:
Raw pieces of wool straight from the back of my beloved:
Various bits of raw Shetland wool, in Moorit and black, felted together with the help of Dawn;
Pinned Locks of washed and separated mohair from Kels, the first goat I’ve ever sheared.

Pt 1 | Blossoms
Alpaca from Chester, who was too delicate for survival;
A dried daisy, who made its way to me nestled in a fleece;
Silk dyed with black walnut hulls.