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Jordan Lister (He/Him/His)
Jordan Lister (He/Him/His)
(Spring 2021)

Glorified Holes, 2021
Handwoven Panels of Wool, Cotton, and Acrylic Yarn; Glass and Plastic Beads; Pine Frame with Hand-Rubbed Oil Finish;
Brass Hinges. 6’ x 5’

My work explores the monumentalism of intimacy and investigates the tensions that arise between these two opposing concepts. This work exists in spaces of the home and everyday life to elevate these intimacies as a way of bringing representation to a wider audience. Through craft, specifically woodworking and fibers, I focus on reclaiming the rural aesthetics of my childhood growing up in Maine, bringing them out of that context and away from closed-minded small-town views allowing them into a place of queer acceptance.