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Ra Dehan
Ra Dehan
(Spring 2021)


I believe that by nature our identities are gestures of in-betweens, with half of yourself being out of control and the other created; living most authentically as an incomprehensible and transmutated moment. Through an interdisciplinary practice of puppetry/doll-making and fashion design, my work focuses on the intersection between physical and spiritual embodiment; a feeling of living as multiple things at once; or in states of “in-betweenness”. In-between inter-dimensional bodies — sexless or intersex — real or uncanny — humanoid or insectoid.

In the process of making I ask myself what a nonbinary body looks our spiritual experiences manifest into physical body and what are the consequences of translating that visceral realm; designing, augmenting, naturalizing until I find resolve in its answer. I’m interested in aesthetics of the natural world and anthropomorphic, elongated, mantid entities.

I understand these relationship with the self through themes of multiples, homogeny and twins; creating iterations and partners of and for these beings. Although visceral in nature, my work intends to feel helpless as a condition of existing in states of in-between; not dead or alive, without control of their body; possessed fabric that’s the responsibility of those interacting with it.