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Mia Bissias
Mia Bissias
(Spring 2021)

If You Hit Me Second, I’ll Hit You First (2021)
Felt, Ibuprofen Dye, Nails, Yellow String, Abaca, Netting. Detail.

I grow increasingly infatuated with the body’s incommodiousness every day. The experience of being uncomfortable is universal--everybody has felt some sense of discomfort, pain, or burnout at some point in their lives. I am interested in questioning how people perceive and accept our own discomfort, no matter how damaging it can be.

In order to extract a visceral experience from my audience, I tend to use a variety of different textile techniques such as wet-felting and papermaking. I also use more traditional sculpting techniques as well as my body and the intuition that it provides. My work is primarily influenced by psychological, scientific, and sociological research as well as an interest in power structures and how they perpetuate societal norms, especially within the medical industrial complex.

IG: @efthymia_art_stuff