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Olya Salimova
Olya Salimova
(Spring 2022)

My work draws parallels between the labor of a bee, a craftsman, and a meaning maker–an artist. The objects I create blur the boundaries between the manufactured and the organic. I equate the life-sustaining labor of a bee to the manual labor of a craftsman and to the creative labor of an artist. Embracing material transformation and longing for craftsmanship and satisfaction, I explore the value of labor and material in the world of the manufactured.
Beeswax and leather are my primary materials. In my sculptures I use them in combination with other media to achieve a mixture of the hand-made and the manufactured that attracts me. The choice of beeswax and leather is based on my desire to work with and rework two of the oldest materials known to humans. Both wax and leather were used to make writing surfaces, crafts and tools many centuries ago. They act as a metaphor and link between nature and its assiduousness on the one hand––human intellect and practicality on the other. Their ability to transform means I can use them in my continuous and original acts of creation.
IG: @olyasalimova_art