Graduate Alumni > Patrick Segura (MFA 2014)

I work between things - virtuality and the body, sex and video games, pregnancy and landscapes.
I've always wanted to be pregnant. Early developmental psychology is a place of comparison to how I experience and interact with virtuality. At early stages in life radical changes to perception, reality, and the self are in a sensitive flux.

There is no separation of the self and outside reality, only an enveloping internalization of space. Through performance my body becomes the transitional object- a mechanism to transition from a virtual, all-inclusive ego to the separate reality. I use my body similarly as an intermediary object AND subject, something that is part of the inner self yet also part of "real"ity.

Within virtuality my conscious-ness lies in an intermediary, liminal position; a ritual of constant becoming between body and mind, cyborg and animal. Within this crossroads is understanding of both sides. Liminality can be sacred, seductive, and dangerous, and this crossing is not a place, but like sex, an intersection. 

As a long-term competitive video gamer, I've come to understand variations of virtuality through the lens of competition. Documentation of a competitive virtual interaction manifested through involuntary actions of the body frames the experience in a unique manner. At the moment of intensity, the self splits, hovering between two states of being. Through performance I appropriate and exaggerate these residual gestures of immersion through play. 
Culture is play, sex is play, and ritual is play. I partake in rituals of constant shifts, becoming other selves. Through this other, virtuality penetrates reality, affecting the body and identity.

This penetration is mutual, both insertive and receptive. I insert myself into virtuality, and I receive virtuality into me. A loving relationship, bi-gendered, and pregnant.