Graduate Alumni > César Esteban Bernal (MFA 2020)

Ni de aquí, ni de allá
acrylic on corn tortillas
145” x 250”
Cambios naturales
Fritos bags and corn husks on acrylic on canvas
Hot Pink
acrylic on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on acrylic on canvas
48” x 48”
Dale Dale Dale
glitter on charmeuse
glistening no.1
glitter on corn tortillas on glitter on charmeuse
glistening no.2
installation: acrylic on corn tortillas, glitter on charmeuse on chipboard

Identity is the reassuring of the self within the struggle of making sense of the speck of time we are given in our bodies. My work stands as an extension of my lived experience as a first-generation, queer, Mexican-American Chicanx with disabilities—through which I construct my identity and body; an invitation for a speechless conversation to understand the complicated self that is mine. My work currently lies at the intersection between painting, sculpture, and crafts, yet incorporates all through my cultural upbringing. I admire the colorful history of painting, am inspired by the immersion that sculpture offers, and enjoy the versatility of popular crafts. The use of personally frequented objects, like corn tortillas, gives me the opportunity to recreate and impose a memory—having people react uniquely to the things I use every day in an unconventional manner. My purpose is to make work that speaks to my multicultural experiences, shows others my unique, personal background, and to create an intimate space for storytelling.